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  • Digging Intelligently

    Digging Intelligently

    The growth of the world population and the increasing demand for higher living standards all over the world feed the hunger for resources like copper, iron and coal. The mining industry is growing fast. The need for fast rock support like shotcrete (sprayed concrete) or durable transport infrastructure made out of concrete is growing accordingly. Sika provides products, expert knowledge and service in modern day mining.

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  • Locally Rooted

    Locally Rooted

    Myanmar’s political and economic opening has triggered a flurry of investment. The technical center, which Sika opened back in 2013, is charged with defining formulations for concrete admixtures and developing customer-specific solutions that deliver the concrete properties required for the project in question.

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  • Pioneering the Possibilities

    Pioneering the Possibilities

    "The future of our business will not only be about the quality and the price of our products alone but also about the environmental conditions in which our products are manufactured."

    Photo: Christoph Ganz, Regional Manager North America, Member of Group Management

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  • Passion and Persistence

    Passion and Persistence

    Sika has been pursuing its Strategy 2018 with passion and persistence since 2014. This Sika growth model ensures long-term success and profitable growth.
    Photo: Sika Mexico - Team Flooring

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  • Bundling of Know-how

    Bundling of Know-how

    Christoph Fäh, Department Manager, Sika Technology AG, Switzerland, and Björn Funke, Project Engineer R&D, Sika Automotive GmbH, Germany, describe the successful bundling of know-how, which results in the local adaption of a global premium quality waterproofing solution.

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  • Annual Report 2015

    Annual Report 2015

    The Sika success story continued in 2015 with a record year. Total sales for 2015 increased by 6.2% at constant exchange rates. All regions contributed to the broad-based growth, as did investments in new factories and national subsidiaries.

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  • iF Design Award

    iF Design Award

    Sika’s PowerCure system design combines the benefits of both one- and two-component adhesive systems in a new and comfortable way. PowerCure delivers simple application and highest reliability for all kinds of manual and mobile applications. The efforts to create a solution for accelerated sealing and bonding has been recognized by the jury of the iF DESIGN AWARD.

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