The Sika Business School offers programs in the areas of management development and talent development. In 2016 twelve leadership programs were delivered for Senior Managers and future leaders, and 67 programs were implemented on a local level in 26 countries in local language. Sika continued its partnership with the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne (Switzerland).

The Sika Business School also places particular emphasis on the area of sales and marketing, offering numerous courses to develop the sales force. Furthermore, many training courses on Sika products and their applications take place at local and regional level. The company‘s expertise in advising customers is thus fostered worldwide. In 2016, more than 20 sales trainings were offered for sales specialists to sustain the Sika sales performance.

José Luis Vazquez, Head Region Latin America
José Luis Vazquez; Head Region Latin America

“Sika Business School is one of the most important initiatives we have. It’s a pivotal strategy to ensure the cultural alignment of how we do business at Sika. The transfer of our knowledge, expertise and values are the key to keep achieving our outstanding and sustainable results. We are confident, that these programs have had a great impact in our results and most importantly on the development of our talents – the pillars of our organization.”

Pillars of Training Program

  • Development Sika Sales Force
    Supporting the implementation of Sika’s focused growth strategy to a Sales Professional’s work environment one of the core competence.
  • Management Development
    Further target groups encompass Managers who demonstrate the requisite leadership skills and competencies that drive superior performance in support of the Sika culture.
  • Train-the-Trainer Approach
    Another crucial structural feature of the Sika Business School is the systematic “Train-the Trainer” approach. The Sika Business Schools offers to employees and to external customers techniques how to quickly convey expertise of experts in Sika’s Business Units. That includes standards on how to develop and conduct trainings.
  • Technical Trainings
    Four Sika Academies, Contractors Academy, Concrete Academy, Industry Academy and Procurement Academy, transfer knowledge regarding technical information. The customer benefits from hands-on knowledge and from practical and theoretical workshops based on customer cases.
  • E-Learning / Individual Learning
    All employees may get to know the Sika World on an interactive basis via Intranet.