Social Media Newsroom

The Sika Social Media Newsroom combines the global social media activities published about the company. Check here the latest news and information shared by Sika, our partners and third parties. We look forward to your inputs and comments.

Facebook Sika


YouTube Channel

We use Facebook to connect with employees and customers throughout the Sika world. This is a more informal communication channel and will often feature project stories or news about what Sika does to help support its local communities.

All of Sika's news updates feature on Twitter, as well as retweets from other Sika countries around the World and influential people within the construction industry. Look out for #SikaFridayFact - short snippets and interesting facts about Sika.

Most of what we do on our other social media channels also appears on Google+. This includes project news, new product launches, and important company updates.

This is where you can find all of Sika's publicly available videos - whether that's application videos, project videos, or corporate videos.

Every Monday you can find the latest vacancies within Sika around the world. We also include case study project stories and other important updates such as acquisition news.