We Are Innovation

Mindset and attitude are the source of innovation. Sika is an innovative company because it listens, understands markets, pays attention to megatrends and systematically gears its activities to what best serves its customers and delivers added value. This is illustrated by the fact that Sika generates one-third of its sales from products that have been on the market for less than five years. The innovations are successful because they help customers to create value and set new standards in the markets.

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Sika Annual Magazine 2015

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Sika Annual Report 2015 - Full Version

Date: 07/03/2016
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Maintaining Urban Facilities

Sika products are used on many locations for repairing and protecting various structural works for urban cities in the Netherlands. The same applies to the municipality of Utrecht where – in recent years – various maintenance projects were performed at bridges, retaining walls and bascule cellars in its city centre.

Reinforcement of Structures

14 different Sika products were used for the refurbishment of the nature and animal park "Pairi Daiza", including Sikadur®-30 and Sikadur®-Combiflex® adhesives, which are solvent-free adhesives based on epoxy resin for the reinforcement of structures.

Sikafloor® for Shenyang New World

The Shenyang New World Garden is a high-end residential area developed by New World China Land on the banks of the Hun River. Sika recommended its polyurethane carpark flooring systems. Sikafloor®-264 was used for the parking bays and Sikafloor®-264 + Sikafloor®-315 were used in the traffic lanes.

Waterproofing with SikaProof®A

The result of a century’s experience in tunneling combined with an idea borrowed from shipbuilding, SikaProof®A membranes allow the use of below-ground building spaces for higher-grade accommodation. This is due to the reliable waterproof and damp-proof barrier provided by the membranes for facilities such as museum archives and collections, hospital laboratories, and retail spaces or storerooms. SikaProof®A has added a new dimension to space planning for new-build projects in urban centers.

Lightweight Construction

Lightweight construction and multi-material design are the megatrends in the automotive industry. Adhesive bonding is becoming the supreme joining technology of the twenty-first century. A key role in both these processes is being played by SikaPower®. Every year, SikaPower® adhesives make 20 million cars safer and more stable.

80% Higher Coverage

SikaCeram®-290 StarLight combines three outstanding features in one product. Sika’s new high-performance tile adhesive not only offers a considerably lower consumption rate than standard flexible bedding adhesives, it is also around one-third lighter. With sustainable raw materials accounting for one half of its constituents, the product has achieved an “EC 1 plus” (very-low-emission) rating under the German EMICODE system. SikaCeram® combines cost-effectiveness with eco-efficiency.

Overcoming Distances

Urbanization, densification, inner-city high-rise development: these are some of the issues arising from continuous population growth. Construction projects in large urban centers require innovative products.

Time Savings

A day instead of a week: the Sika One Shot system heralds a new era in parking deck coatings. A job that takes one week using traditional methods can now be completed within a single day. The benefits include drastic reductions in downtimes and associated costs, and lower labor expenditure.

Odorless Roofing

With Sikalastic®-641, 2014 saw the launch of a promising new addition to Sika’s liquid membrane range. The new roof membrane was developed by Sika UK with the aim of minimizing odor emissions during application. The innovative solution is based on the i-Cure® technology pioneered for the sealing & bonding segment. Tests with Sikalastic®-641 have shown that olfactory perception is up to 97% lower than for standard products.

Scotiabank Saddledome

After 30 years of service, Canada’s most famous roof required full-scale refurbishment. Since the original covering had performed so well, the project team again opted for a Sika Sarnafil® roofing system.

Making Vehicles Safer

Multi-material design and modular construction impose enhanced bonding requirements – as seen in the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Sikaflex® assembly and structural adhesives are used to join together steel, aluminum, glass and plastics. SikaReinforcer® thermoplastic components improve vehicle stiffness and acoustics, while SikaPower® increases crash resistance. This is why Mercedes-Benz also chose Sika adhesive solutions for the S-Class.

Refurbishment with Sika

Every day, some 85,000 vehicles cross the 13.5 km long, six-lane cable-stayed bridge linking Penang Island to the Malaysian mainland. Following an accidental fire in 2010, the structure was in urgent need of restoration and repair, as well as additional strengthening. Sika® CarboDur® system with its highstrength carbon-fiber reinforced polymer plates allowed this vital artery to be properly strengthened within two short months without any traffic closures.

Sikaflex® Construction+

The task: joint sealing for unitized construction. The challenge: straightforward application plus excellent workability and performance at temperatures of up to 50°C in the shade. The solution: Sikaflex® Construction+.