ambitions - Issue No. 12 - 2013

Follow the heartbeat of clean energy and experience Iceland`s largest-ever industrial development – a hydropower plant whose construction required 70km of tunneling and the construction of 5 dams. This stunning background makes this hydropower plant now one of the largest concrete-faced and rock-filled dams on this globe!
See that outstanding initiative takes it all!
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Alice in Wonderland

Maintaining aesthetic impacts and creating smooth structures with no visible variations in thickness were one of the main targets to construct and renovate this school housing.

Japanese Architecture

Through balanced forms and smooth simplicity his buildings exert a distinctive charm and create a cozy ambience. With Sika's support he hopes to fashion a stunning precast-concrete structure that stands as a testament to our generation.

Aesthetics meets Factories and Clean Rooms

Our journalist in China is astonished to see such variations in flooring when she visited the productions of Nestlé and Lilly Pharma. She discovered that for maintaining a high quality of products and a healthy environment for the workers, the performance of the floors have to meet high standards.

Social Responsibility

The "Pan de Vida" organization looks after abused and abandoned children and ensures that they can live and learn in a safe environment. Sika provides funds for their projects such as extending the school, building a "boys’ house" or constructing a football pitch.

Interview with Dr. Ing. Jun Que

Warm-hearted and ambitious as a person he is building bridges between European and Asian culture. His life changed completely when moving from China to Germany and Switzerland.


Bucharest has two water parks for the public, and this new one is even better placed and provides an improved service package for its customers.

Thriving into the Chemical World

Giving local university students and young professionals the opportunity to merge into the heart of chemicals and applications - and gaining these first-hands insights in China and Australia! This was a great promise to fulfill!

Emission-free energy at its Best

Travelling to Iceland can feel like slipping away to one of the beautiful ends of this world. But this country surprises with its beating heart of its largest-ever industrial development. The Hydropower Plant is a ticket to a unique future as a forerunner.

Building-Integrated Photovoltaic System

The entire heating and ventilation system of the tourist center at the Swiss mountain Klein Matterhorn is being solar-powered. This was achieved by cladding the south facade with a Building-Integrated Photovoltaic system. It is the first of its kind at this altitude in Europe.

Energy Saving

This brand new kind of windows optimizes heat efficiency, thermal insulation and energy gains. Energy conservation for private and corporate housing has long been a major concern. The focus is not only on conservation, but also on energy gains, or capturing as much solar energy as possible.