Vacation time

Sometimes it seems easier to have a family ‘staycation’ at home with the children over the summer. Staying at home can be much cheaper, and so it would seem reasonable to draw up a leisure plan full of local attractions to visit.

However, after spending a whole week at a nearby lake and eating ice cream with your sons every day in the city, you’ll long for change and relaxation, and your children will be clamoring for fun and an exciting playground. But summer holidays could be waiting right round the corner, as you will discover at the La Plajă Aqua Park near the Romanian capital Bucharest.

Adventures for all Age Groups

Your children will love the aquatic adventures as much as you’ll love the sun loungers and parasols. You may even plunge into the water yourself – fun is contagious. So make a note to visit this spectacular waterfall in an aquatic labyrinth – it promises fun for young and old alike!

Amusement Park

The water park is an amusement park that features water play areas such as water slides, splash pads, water playgrounds, lazy rivers and other recreational bathing, swimming, and barefoot environments. Bucharest has two water parks for the public, and this new one is even better placed and provides an improved service package for its customers.

Achieving Quality Standards

After the beginning of the construction of the park, the structures were in a bad shape. So Sika Romania finally took over the project and had to solve many problems regarding structural stability, waterproofing and appearance. Large quantities of repair products were therefore needed to ultimately achieve the required quality standards.

Full On-Site Service

The consultant in charge required Sika to provide a complete service, visually attractive materials that were resistant to chemicals, optimum value for money, on-site technical assistance during project execution, and punctual deliveries to meet the tight deadline as the water park had to be complete, including all surface finishing, within 4 months.

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