Children go to school in order to learn the basic things that are required to succeed and earn a living in life. We all have memories of our time at school, both good and bad, but irrespective of how happy our schooldays were, we have to admit they were a very special time in our lives. If parts of our school building had looked like oversized books taken from Alice in Wonderland, we might have been a bit more interested in entering the establishment in which we were supposed to learn for our future benefit.

Renovation for keeping values

The Lucie Aubrac School in La Seyne-sur-Mer, France fulfills this young child’s dream. During the renovation process, the challenge was to retain the main building, which characterizes the school group and its values. It was embellished and updated by the addition of rounded shapes in bright colors. An educational activities center was built next to the building, and this now includes computer rooms and a video library. Finally, the exterior space also underwent some development, with the construction of an outdoor amphitheater and the creation of a garden and landscaped areas for sport.

Architectural challenge

One of the challenges for Sika France was to seal the rounded objects, because the architect wanted to maintain their aesthetic impact and create smooth structures with no visible variations in thickness. These rounded shapes in bright colors symbolize staggered rows of overlapping books. The sealing had to cover the flat tops and sides of the objects.

Maintaining Aesthetics

The uniform appearance requested by the architect precluded the use of bituminous membranes and interlining liquids. Surfaces had to be repaired with SikaTop® 121. The vapor barrier was created using two layers of sand and the versatile epoxy resin Sikafloor® 161. It was then sealed using Sikafloor® 400 N liquid polyurethane resin sealant which, as well as ensuring an effective waterproofing, also maintained the aesthetics of the shapes by using the same colors, yellow, blue and red. That is how Alice in Wonderland was created.

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