Beauty for Industry

My visit to one of the Sika reference projects, the Lilly Pharma factory in Suzhou, China, was an unforgettable experience. After putting on white overalls, a hat and a pair of shoe covers, I was given a tour of the factory by an engineer from Lilly Pharma’s engineering department. Crossing the threshold, I was stunned by the vivid yellow color of the floor where Sikafloor® was applied as flooring solution.

It was totally different compared to the world outside – lively and bright. There were workers in hygienic uniforms walking past us, tidy and quiet: a typical pharma industry atmosphere. I noticed that the floor in front of the door was decorated with a red pattern, so I pressed the button on my camera for a nice shot.

Chinese Food Industry

My trip to China also included a visit to Sika’s another reference project, the Nestlé Totole Bouillon factory. The food processing area of this factory was designed to have a green floor. Mr. Pang who was in charge of the floor design specification told me the story of the company. Totole was founded in 1989 by a Chinese entrepreneur. Before being acquired by Nestle in 1999, it had already grown to be the market leader in the Chinese food industry.

Production conditions had previously been poor; basically the production areas had only concrete floors with little protection. Nowadays, to ensure the high quality of the production process and products, and to provide a friendly and healthy environment for the workers, the performance, durability and ease of cleaning of the floors and the factory’s indoor air quality have to meet certain high standards. This is where Sikafloor® flooring solutions come into play. Even though they are more expensive than any other solutions in the Chinese market, they have become the ideal choice for this company.

Latest Cleanroom material

This is how a modern, high-standard factory interior looks and feels nowadays, not only in western countries, but also in emerging markets such as India and China. However, behind these stylish colors, each floor area of each factory has its own stringent technical requirements dictated by various functions and legislation. For example, electronics industries and life science industries need to fulfill the latest “suitable cleanroom material” certification, because floors in the production environment in such industries have to have low particle emissions, low volatile organic compound emissions, chemical and biological resistance and meet certain conductivity standards.

Unlimited Design possibilities

With its continuous innovation, Sika is now the number one technology and market leader in the global flooring business. Every year Sika supplies many Sikafloor® flooring portfolios to a wide variety of industry sectors for their projects, supported by expert sales and technical service team. Unlimited design possibilities and under-foot comfort backed up by high performance and sustainability throughout the life cycle are the promises Sika offers to fast-developing manufacturing industries all over the world.

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