Improving children’s lives

In February 2013 in the presence of Sika Mexico employees, Jan Jenisch, CEO of Sika, inaugurated the football pitch of the “Pan de Vida Orphanage”, where the “Buffalos” American football team will be playing matches against other schools and local teams. The new football facilities include tiered seating, changing rooms, bathrooms and a cafeteria.

Bread for Life

The "Pan de Vida" organization looks after abused and abandoned children and ensures they can live and learn in a safe environment. With the full support of Sika’s Romuald Burkard Foundation, Sika Mexico provides funds for their projects. These include various initiatives such as extending the school, building a "boys’ house", constructing a football pitch introducing a special scholarship program, and a dental care program.

Romuald Burkard Foundation

The Romuald Burkard Foundation was established in 2005 on the initiative of the Sika AG Board of Directors in memory of Romuald Burkard who represented the third generation of Sika's founding family Winkler. During his life he devoted much of his time to supporting various social causes, adopting the philosophy that “success necessarily promotes responsibility”.

Better school Access

This is not the first time that the Foundation has supported the holistic development of the boys and girls at “Pan de Vida”. Sika Mexico in 2006 assisted in the total refurbishment of the auditorium facilities, plus recreational areas and an expansion of the school’s transport infrastructure. The road leading to the children’s accommodation was also paved, improving access to the school and also the lives of 80 children.

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