ambitions - Issue No. 13 - 2013

Experience how butterflies can find a new home in a bustling city center and find out what basketball players and butterflies have in common in Minnesota. Furthermore look forward to the new elephant park in Zurich Zoo and visit these smart and clever animals as of spring 2014! Travel with us to Kenia and meet our Sika colleague on site to listen to all his exciting stories about his new life in Africa, his baby elephants and the big challenges in the African construction market!
See that outstanding initiative takes it all!
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Butterflies’ Green Roof

At 10,000 m², the Target Center’s vegetated roof is the largest in Minnesota and the first green roof installed on a sports arena in North America. For meeting the existing loading limits, a vegetated system over a lightweight waterproofing system met the challenge.

A new home for elephants

To provide the sensitive elephants with an appropriate facility in a zoo, the primary focus must be on the elephants’ needs. Sika Switzerland recently supported with innovative technologies that made a significant contribution to Zurich Zoo’s unique new elephant building.

Development of new markets

Mario Gross is Sika`s former General Manager of Sika Thailand and current Global Head of Procurement. Our journalist has talked with him about the development of new markets, Asia and his turn to the procurement site back in Switzerland.

How much cold can you withstand?

For those who are not used to extreme climates, Mongolia offers the whole range. Visiting Mongolia in January or February will change your personal definition of cold: with temperatures dropping as low as -50°C, you will be glad to receive Sika Mongolia’s warm thermal clothes.

A Bridge of Relief

The Greater Tunis region is divided into southern and northern areas by the Lake of Tunis Canal. Traffic between the two areas depends either on routes passing through the urban area of Tunis or ferryboats. The concentrated south-north traffic had been causing traffic congestion and environmental deterioration.

Keeping a mega-city dry

The capacity of the drainage system of Mexico City is 30% lower than in earlier times with nearly double the population. As the operating system for the pipes needs to be closed during the dry season months for repair, it makes it necessary to have an alternating ability.

Professional working style in Vietnam

This year, the Sika Experience was carried out in amazing Vietnam, offering the winning students a great chance to discover Sika’s products and projects and have the first taste of the professional life.

Building Envelope

In meeting the high performance standards expected by building owners, architects and specifiers, the new SikaHyflex® joint sealants are highly durable, cost effective and will enable a ‘one stop shop’ for all commercial building applications.


SikaProof® A’s fully- and permanently-bonded, embossed Flexible Polyolefin (FPO) membrane, laminated with the innovative Polyolefin Sika® Grid Seal Technology sealant grid, and a non-woven, polypropylene fleece are the reasons for applicators to successfully use this system.

Awards for Solar Excellence

Sika recently received two awards at this year’s SNEC Solar Exhibition and Conference in Shanghai, China. One was the “Top 10 Highlights – MW Award” for “Sikasil®AS-780 – the liquid tape” and the other the “Best Poster Award – PV Modules”.