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Leaving aside the complex techniques that go into making chemical products, let us take a look at the diverse creations which they are used to make. From visibly large constructions down to the finest of building details, outcomes vary, sometimes seeming like visual wonders, sometimes like mammoth life support systems. In some cases, you might feel as though you are swimming though architectural refinements and sophistication. But in other instances, you will see that even the superficially simplest of creations can enhance the quality of life to give people a more secure hold.

Get going with Sika and go beyond of what you might have expected!

Astrid Schneider

Ambitions No. 14: Articles

Experience the vivid and vibrant aspects of construction chemicals all around the world.
Let yourself be carried away through the world`s oceans, taking a visit in Morocco`s Casablanca and then heading out to architectural delights in Spain, United States and Australia. For some more surprises be prepared!

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Roofing par excellence

The Simmons Hall student dormitory is inside the campus of the MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which, together with nearby Harvard University, is one of the most popular and renowned universities in the world.

Cruise refurbishment

The Carnival Destiny was built in Italy and delivered in 1996; at 101,353 gross tons, it was by far the largest cruise liner in service at the time. Now it was time for an update.

Safe ground at Zurich Airport

The refurbishment of the heavily used runway 14/32 of Zurich Airport is a project that takes several years. Besides the foundation and the surface, the electrical system of the runway lighting will be modernized.

Students of Architecture at the ride of their lives

Every year hundreds of advanced students of architecture in Uruguay travel around the world. The objective is to get to know major works across all continents and of course have fun!

Woman power for technical support

How is it for women to work in the male-dominated construction environment? Let`s get to know a keen young lady who is just in the beginning of her career telling us about her personal experiences.

Morocco keeps on moving

Morocco is situated on the northwestern corner of Africa and is bordered by Mauritania to the south and Algeria to the east. Casablanca is one of Africa's four largest cities and has turned out to become a vibrant metropolis. We met the management of Sika to see what is going on on site.

Sports and music at their best

Remember that feeling you get after a concert where your throat is sore and your ears are ringing but you still want to sing your heart out. You can experience that in the new Perth Arena which is a multi-purpose events stadium catering for up to 15,500 patrons.

A roof that scores

The Wells Fargo Arena at Arizona State, United States, underwent a solar roof installation during monsoon season. See the process of the construction after tearing off of the existing built-up roof.

A bridge connects Massai villages

Four students from ETH Zurich helped Kenyan villagers with their expertise to build bridges. Sika Sarnafil's waterproof membranes now protect the timber bridge and people can go from village to village also during raining seasons.

Maximizing natural light

This amazing building has two floors and a basement and contains the headquarters and two small laboratories. With Sikafloor products it was possible to gain bright flooring without joints in order to give the impression of continuous concrete.

Tara Oceans Polar Circle 2013

The summer of 2012 marked the most extensive Arctic ice melt ever observed. Sika has been supporting the scientists of the Tara Polar Circle 2013 who now collected plankton for research from all the world's oceans the last years.