The quality of the corporate culture shapes the quality of the future

Sika’s success is based on the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of its employees. Decisions and responsibilities are delegated to the appropriate level of competence. Large numbers of employees describe the team atmosphere at Sika as open, friendly, and straightforward, and refer to it as the Sika Spirit. The company’s strong growth derives directly from a dynamic corporate culture that is geared to knowledge transfer. Top priority is given to Sika’s values, principles and leadership culture, training and professional development, talent management, diversity, and use of new media.

Values as the foundation

Customer First, Courage for Innovation, Sustainability & Integrity, Empowerment & Respect, and Manage for Results – these are the defining elements of the corporation. These values and principles provide a point of reference for the entire global workforce and are firmly enshrined in all Sika companies. Thus the Group’s culture of trust, transparency and openness has a firm global foundation.

Employees worldwide

The number of employees rose 0.8% during the year under review to 17,419 (previous year: 17,281). Regional distribution is as follows: EMEA : 9,083 (previous year: 9,079), North America: 1,818 (previous year: 1,653), Latin America: 2,349 (previous year: 2,437), Asia/Pacific: 4,169 (previous year: 4,112). The age structure at Sika is broadly balanced: 15% of employees are under 30 years of age and 23% over 50. Over 95% of employees have permanent employment contracts. Together, the workforce generated a net added value of CHF 1,935 million in 2016 (previous year: CHF 1,755 million). This corresponds to net added value per employee of CHF 112,000 (previous year: CHF 103,000).

Responsibility for the future

Sika gives preference to internal candidates for specialist and management appointments. In the last four years, for example, Sika’s senior management roles have almost all been filled internally. The long-term nature of employees’ career prospects is one reason why the labor turnover rate is just 6.2% (2015: 6.6%). Global and regional staff development programs not only convey know-how and skills, but also motivate employees by inspiring a strong sense of identity, which essentially reflects Sika’s corporate values and principles.

Sika is proud to have a large number of long-serving employees. It sets great store by people who stay with the company and share their know-how and experience for as long as possible. Sika regards internal and external training courses as key development tools for its more than 17,000 employees. The range of courses on offer also includes more extensive training programs, some of which are organized through partnerships with universities and scientific institutes. In the year under review, Sika spent approximately CHF 9.9 million (previous year: CHF 11.1 million) on staff development. The aim is to provide at least ten hours training per year for each employee. In 2016, this figure stood at 12.4 hours (2015: 11.9 hours).

Learning for long-term success

The Sika Business School offers programs in the areas of management development and talent development. In the year under review, the school ran 12 courses for junior managers. Sika continued its partnership with the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Among other things, over 100 managers took part in a training course on leadership and strategy. The Sika Business School lays particular emphasis on the area of sales and marketing, offering numerous courses to develop the sales force. Furthermore, many training courses on Sika products and their applications take place at local and regional level. The company’s expertise in advising customers is thus fostered worldwide. In the reporting year, various online and offline offerings plus a new, purpose-designed e-learning software application were launched as part of the overarching SikaLearn concept.

New forms of communication

During the reporting year, the new “SikaWorld” digital communication and collaboration portal was launched in over 50 countries. This so-called “social intranet” serves as a combined forum for information, communication and collaboration. In tandem with the “SikaConnect” internal social media platform, it helps to ensure that information is turned into practical knowledge. The Group is also present on external social networks such as LinkedIn, where Sika had 45,000 followers in 2016. Both internal and external digital media play a key role in shaping Sika’s corporate culture. This not only covers recruitment and training, but also extends to everyday communication, whether at the workplace or off-site.

Values and principles

Customer First, Courage for Innovation, Sustainability & Integrity, Empowerment & Respect, and Manage for Results – these are the defining elements of our company.

Management competence

Those who wish to lead must set an example. Sika both supports and challenges its managers at all levels. Longterm career prospects lead to low labor turnover rates.

Training and development

In 2016, Sika invested CHF 9.9 million in staff development. Company employees spent a total 216,220 hours attending training and development courses.

Talent management

The leadership program is directed at talented company employees at global and regional level. Over 250 people were taking part in the development program in 2016.


People of different origins bring new perspectives. At Sika, the assimilation of different ways of thinking and living serves to unlock new potential.

Digital media

The company’s extraordinary growth is additionally buoyed by media such as the social intranet, online learning programs and guidance apps.