Sika creates professional development programs that are geared to employees’ current needs and open to all regions and levels. A key factor is that program material is not only based on practical examples, it is also actually applied by everyone in their day-to-day work.

Leadership is just as important to Sika as the company’s “negotiating style” – a high level of negotiation and presentation skills which function well both on a local level and in various languages. Sika management values and sales values are extremely crucial for local growth.

The building blocks of professional development at Sika

Positive principles

Given these premises, the continuing professional development of Sika employees is both pivotal and indispensable. To develop and to drive are mutually inclusive objectives. Each employee is given opportunities to develop in their particular area, whether production, research, sales or administration. The aim is for everyone to thrive and to recognize and exploit their development potential within the company. Sika produces benefits for both sides: Employees who are loyal to and identify with the company, as well as a working relationship based on give and take in equal measure.