Market Penetration

Hudson Yards is the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States and the largest development in New York City since Rockefeller Center. A site covering over 113,000 m2 will house office towers, more than 100 shops, numerous restaurants, and some 5,000 apartments. The future facilities will also include various cultural venues, a large hotel, a state school, and spacious parking lots. The overall complex is projected to be used by over 24 million people per year. To improve access to Hudson Yards, the scheme has even included the extension of New York’s subway line 7. It comes as no surprise that this is another project that features numerous Sika products.

Hudson Yards Skyline

Megaproject as a mega-challenge

The Hudson Yards development will take many years to complete. Even today, many parts of the project are still under design. It holds enormous potential for all of Sika’s target markets, i.e. for the full range of technologies offered by the company. The project continually confronts the owners and their partners with exceptional challenges. Sika’s building envelope specialist (BES) manager has been involved in the design process and provided expert support from the very outset. Sika initially supplied concrete admixtures and flooring products, which were followed by sealing systems for insulating glass units in five of the planned towers. Numerous other applications are currently being discussed. Customers are not only impressed by the product solutions themselves, but also by Sika’s one-source umbrella warranties and the product and product system expertise that it contributes at all stages of the construction process.

Construction work for the first tower, a 273-meter-tall, 52-story office high-rise, started in 2015 and is scheduled for completion in 2018. The architectural mandate called for a continuous glass facade and an oblique flat roof, with energy efficiency as the overarching principle. One key issue has centered on the design of the insulating glass units, which, aside from aesthetic demands, also have to accommodate significant loads and actions from both inside and outside. Failure to allow for these factors in the edge seal design would result in fogging in the glazing and compromise the service life and safety of the units.

Sikasil® technology – and more

The solution delivered by Sika involves the use of structural silicone technology for all insulating glass units in the facade using a high-modulus Sika silicone sealant. This enhances argon gas retention as well as a proper edge seal design while perfectly offsetting dynamic effects, such as the action of wind or temperature fluctuations.

Sika products fulfill high standards in every area of application. There will be no shortage of work for Sika’s specialists up to final completion of the Hudson Yards development. They relish the challenges ahead and look forward to mastering them in partnership with their customers.