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Industry - Events 2016
Date Event and Link Place Industry Market
August, 29 - September, 01


The leading Energy Meeting Place

Stavanger, Norway Renewable Energy
September, 06 - 09


the leading international maritime trade fair

Hamburg, Germany Marine
September, 13 - 17


World’s leading international trade fair

Frankfurt, Germany Automotive Aftermarket
September, 20 - 23


International Trade Fair for Glass Production - Processing - Products

Dusseldorf, Germany FFI
September, 20 - 23


International Trade Fair for Transport Technology

Berlin, Germany Transportation
September, 22 - 29

IAA Commercial Vehicles

Leading International Trade Fair for Mobility, Transportation and Logistics

Hannover, Germany Transportation
October, 11 - 14


Annual Conference


Abu Dhabi, UAE Solar (CSP)
October, 18 - 20


Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference

Bad Nauheim, Germany   Automotive Aftermarket
November, 15 - 16

Doors and Closures

International Benchmarking Conference with Innovation Award!

Bad Nauheim, Germany Automotive Aftermarket
December Glasssupper London, UK Facades
December, 12 - 14


Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture

Dusseldorf, Germany Wind