Sika One Shot Parkdeck system: even more practical and fast - time, material and money saving

The new fast-applied carpark deck flooring system combining polyurea and aggregates:

  • New innovative application method
  • Developed for surfaces which are directly affected by traffic
  • Combination of known technologies


  • Time saving
  • Material saving
  • Short downtimes: time need for the new method: 1 day
  • Low consumption of aggregate com­pared to the conventional (manual) method. (Approx. 1.5-3 kg instead of 6-8 kg)
  • Excess of sand has not to be removed, because the sand is fully bonded
  • Lower staff assignment
  • High durability
  • Fast curing systemHigh flexible system
  • Everlasting water and weather resistant
  • Slip resistant
8:00 H

Priming with the ultra-rapid Sika® Concrete Primer and 30 minutes later spraying of the crack-bridging water­proofing membrane Sikalastic®-8800 in a film thickness of 1.5 mm.

11:00 H

Injection of aggregates in the spray pat­tern of the Polyurea Sikalastic®-8800 in order to install the non-slip surface.

14:00 H

Roller application of the top coating.

20:00 H

The carpark is ready for use.