With Sika’s experience, construction processes can be industrialized, efficiency enhanced, and standards raised.

Construction sites are changing. Instead of building work being carried out entirely on site, structural modules are increasingly being pre-fabricated under industrial and automated conditions and just assembled on the construction site. This saves time and cost and improves quality. These fundamental changes are only successful with the right partner. Because to produce pre-fabricated modules such as bathrooms, floors, walls, roofs, or complete houses, solutions for the construction process as a whole are needed for the automated assembly of individual components such as seals, thermal or noise insulation systems.

In addition to the technology, it is above all Sika’s knowledge from the industrial manufacturing sector which is raising construction process productivity levels.

Adhesives are replacing nails and screws

This is where Sika occupies a unique position. Using the experience and know-how of industrial processes such as vehicle manufacturing which the company has built up over many years, Sika is able to massively speed up construction processes. At the same time, Sika’s high-tech adhesives especially developed for industrialized processes are the key technologies which are needed for automation. Nails and screws can be replaced; there is no further need for work to be done by hand. This expertise is in demand. Sika is already working closely with leading global companies which are driving the industrialization in construction further forward.