Efficient processes are also becoming increasingly crucial in the building industry. Sika and its engineers keep close to the customer base and fine-tune products accordingly. Intelligent solutions are fast and easy to use, as was proven at the refurbishment of a parking garage in Linz, Austria.

The parking garage at Linz Main Station, Austria

The parking garage at Linz Main Station in Austria was refurbished in record time.

For years, anyone in the parking garage at Linz Main Station in Austria could witness a task worthy of Sisyphus. Hardly had surface cracks been repaired in one place, when new breaks appeared somewhere else, letting in water and contaminants that could corrode the steel reinforcement.

Record-breaking refurbishment

It was clear that refurbishment was unavoidable, and that it would be no easy task. Providing over 400 spaces, the parking garage is vital for rail customers, for people working in the Austrian Federal Railways administrative offices in the building, and for the adjacent shopping center. The challenges posed by renovating the 12,000 m2 area were correspondingly daunting. “The coating needed to be very resistant and durable. And it needed to be applied very fast,” recalls Helmut Pirngruber, Technical Sales Consultant Flooring with Sika Austria. “The times when the parking garage couldn’t be used had to be kept as brief as possible.”

Using the latest Sika floor coating system, the surfacing in the parking garage in Linz was efficiently renovated with a time saving of several weeks. Work was divided into individual stages. With conventional products it takes 13 days to refurbish an area of 1,000 m2, with SikaScreed® HardTop three days are sufficient. In a class of its own worldwide, this leveling mortar is suitable for repairing heavy-duty surfaces, and its rapid curing properties permit full load bearing after one day.

Rapid application, fewer working steps, safeguarding users’ health, and a long service life are hallmarks of product development at Sika.

Efficiency in the application

Building suppliers are measured by their efficiency, especially in mature markets. Wage costs are high, and if facilities need to be closed temporarily for refurbishment, key revenues are lost. This is why one of Sika’s goals for every product development project is to increase productivity throughout the entire construction process.

One priority is to make the application of products as easy as possible. For instance, the waterproofing, odorless roofing membrane Sikalastic®-641 can be applied in liquid form. The system expands the window of applications: It can also be applied during rain or with operations running in the building. If a product can perform multiple functions at the same time, this adds to its cost-effectiveness. Examples of this include SikaCeram®-500 Ceralastic, which provides the dual function of tile adhesive and waterproof layer for ceramic surfaces, or the new fire protection coating Sika® Unitherm® Platinum, which offers fire and corrosion protection simultaneously.

Helmut Pirngruber, Technical Sales Consultant Flooring with Sika Austria.

Helmut Pirngruber, Technical Sales Consultant Flooring with Sika Austria.

Taking the life cycle into account

Ultimately the sign of a cost-effective building comes during its use phase. Sika also factors this into its products by delivering a unique level of fitness for purpose. Floors need to be resistant and easy to clean in order to keep maintenance costs low. By opting for solvent-free products and the use of state-of-the-art soundproofing technologies, Sika increases user comfort and safety and so guarantees maximum efficiency over the entire lifetime of a building.