Sika solutions make buildings more resistant. They extend the lifespan, reduce repair costs, and above all protect people and goods. Even in the face of extreme events.

Earthquakes, fire, water, or storms pose a threat to human life and cause immense costs. And because the dangers increase as population densities grow, construction specifications become tougher. This phenomenon can be observed, for instance, in emerging countries, where the number of high-rise buildings is increasing faster than available fire department capacity.

Markus Wöhr, Market Field Manager Industrial Coatings with Sika Germany.

Markus Wöhr, Market Field Manager Industrial Coatings with Sika Germany.


High-strength concrete provides protection during earthquakes

Sika offers a large number of solutions to satisfy statutory and private-law requirements as well as to protect people. High and ultrahigh-strength concrete increases the structural stability of buildings. Besides significantly extending service life, saving on construction materials through the optimization of structural component cross sections, and delivering a high degree of architectural design flexibility, it affords substantially greater protection in extreme situations such as earthquakes. This means that delicate, elegant concrete constructions are also an option in atrisk areas. Sika® ViscoCrete® reduces the water content of concrete and so increases its strength, SikaFume® reinforces the bond between cement and aggregates to improve resistance, SikaFiber® increases structural load capacity as well as abrasion and shock resistance, and Sika® Antisol® protects constructions against premature drying out and notably improves durability.

Sika also has suitable solutions for existing buildings. Sika® CarboDur® is used for structural strengthening through the application of carbon fiber-reinforced plates and fabrics. This brings about a marked increase in load capacity and decisively improves resistance to aging and the forces of nature, such as earthquakes.

Passive fire protection from Sika

The Sika product portfolio also includes highly effective fire protection systems to satisfy increasing safety requirements. They give people more time to exit a building in the event of a fire. At the same time, they contain any damage and reduce refurbishment costs. “Sika solutions prevent fire, heat, and smoke from spreading in a building. This prolongs the evacuation time,” explains Markus Wöhr, Market Field Manager Industrial Coatings with Sika Germany. A permanent process of innovation ensures that Sika products are in compliance with national and international norms and protect both people and the environment. This applies not only to concrete buildings, but also to wood and steel structures.

Insulating protection layer for steel

Unlike wooden constructions, steel doesn’t burn. But effective brand protection is nonetheless critical here as well. When exposed to extreme heat levels, steel loses its load-bearing capacity and becomes unstable. This puts buildings at risk of collapsing. Fire protection coatings from Sika extend the fire resistance rating of steel structural components to up to 150 minutes, compared with just a few minutes when using uncoated material. A coating thickness in the micrometer range is sufficient to achieve this. In contrast with other fire protection solutions, Sika® Unitherm® can be applied directly to the steel and has no impact on the statics. In the event of a fire, it forms an insulating centimeter-thick layer of foam under exposure to heat and protects the steel.

The Sika range also includes the fire-resistant joint sealants Sikaflex®-400 Fire and Sikasil®-670 Fire, which are designed to prevent the spread of heat and smoke for up to 240 minutes. They can be used for movement and connection joints.

When Time is Critical

Thanks to Sika, there is more than a sporting chance that the new Adidas campus landmark in Germany’s Herzogenaurach can be built in record time. © Visuals: Behnisch Architekten

Identity-defining architecture was the remit stipulated by a major sportswear manufacturer for their new corporate headquarters. Construction time and project costs could be significantly lowered thanks to Sika’s fire protection systems.

The 12,000-ton steel construction appears to hover above the lawn, supported by just 19 elegant white columns. The Adidas Group’s new 50,000 m2 office building in Herzogenaurach (Germany) is not just an eyecatcher, it is also the main entrance to the campus and will be providing space for over 2,000 employees from the end of 2018.

The latest in fire protection technology

Sika® Unitherm® Platinum-120 meets the strict fire protection requirements. Almost 300 tons of the latest fire protection technology were used, lengthening the evacuation time in the event of a fire as well as keeping construction time short. The schedule was ambitious, and the building needed to be erected in winter. “We could draw on all the advantages offered by Sika® Unitherm® Platinum-120,” says Ulrich Woiwod, Regional Head of Sales Industrial Coatings with Sika Germany. “The high level of safety, the architectural design freedoms, and the time factor.”

Sika’s Platinum technology can be applied directly at the manufacturer’s and is ready for transportation and assembly only 24 hours later. In the picture: Schneider + Co GmbH.

Ulrich Woiwod, Regional Head of Sales Industrial Coatings, Sika Germany, and Lars Möller, Technical Director with coating contractors Schneider + Co GmbH.

Significant cost-effectiveness

Developers, steel construction companies, and architects are full of praise for Sika’s newest fire protection technology because the thin layer of just a few millimeters has no impact on statics or optics. Time and therefore costs can be saved with Sika® Unitherm® Platinum since it offers fire and corrosion protection in one and can be applied directly at the steel construction or coating company. The epoxy-resin-based, solvent-free product has an extremely hard surface. Therefore, the treated steel structure can be transported to and assembled at the construction site as early as 24 hours after application. “One advantage of Sika® Unitherm® Platinum-120 is that the material cures incredibly fast,” remarks Lars Möller, Technical Director with coating contractors Schneider + Co GmbH. “We wouldn’t have been able to complete this project in such a short time with any other fire protection system.”