Structural Strengthening

Strengthening Systems

Prefabricated CFRP Plates

For strengthening of concrete substrates, prefabricated Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) plates can be externally bonded or near surface mounted. Sika offers a wide range of CFRP plates in different dimensions and E-moduli.

FRP L-shape Plates

Shear capacity of concrete beams can be increased by externally applied CFRP strengthening systems. Sika provides unique L-shape CFRP plates for effective anchorage of stirrup forces in concrete compressive zone.

FRP Fabrics

Externally applied fabrics can be used to increase flexural, shear, axial or seismic resistance of structures. Sika offers various fabrics systems, based on different type of materials for specific needs and cost optimized strengthening.

CFRP Post-tensioning Systems

Post-tensioned systems are effective for control of structural cracks and deflections and to increase fatigue resistance and seismic resistance. Sika provides an unique system based on post-tensioned CFRP plates.