Pond, Pool and Tank Lining

Systems: Pond, Pool and Tank Lining

Pits and Ponds

Pond linings with sheet membranes are used in potable water reservoirs for irrigations and for clean process water in the industry. Special membranes for artificial lakes and retention ponds require special sheet membranes to protect the subsoil and groundwater against pollution. Sikaplan membranes in PVC or FPO/TPO are either exposed or protected and ballasted.

Swimming Pools

Lining of private, or public in-/outdoor swimming pools with either loose laid and peripheral fixed Sikaplan PVC sheet membranes in various colors. For natural swimming ponds a special TPO membrane is available.

Tiles are adhered and waterproofing with Sika Ceram mortars and Sika Combiflex tapes seal joints.

Tank Lining

Retention pools or tanks of sewage waters or chemicals effluents require chemically resistant linings for protection of the subsoil and groundwater against pollution. Following the specific requirements Sikaplan sheet membranes, Sikalastic liquid membranes on base of polyurethane or polyurea or Sikagard epoxy coatings may be chosen.