World Leading Waterproofing

Sika provides solutions for even the most challenging requirements with its unique waterproofing product portfolio, contributing to efficient, long-lasting infrastructure, be it for drinking water facilities (fulfilling the most stringent drinking water approvals),
tunnels, bridges, basements, or balconies.

Sika offers a unique range of complete systems and products based on extensive experience and supports owners, engineers and contractors in the design and construction process.

OUR waterproofing technologIES include:
  • Integrated "White Box" concept, which is watertight concrete and joint waterproofing
  • High-quality flexible PVC and FPO membranes with a unique compartment system
  • Polyurea, polyurethane and epoxy coatings
  • Complete injection systems
  • Mortars and renderings and more
WE support you with unique services:
  • Wide range of tailor-made guarantee concepts
  • Analysis of leaks in existing structures
  • Concepts, specifications and detailing
  • Site specific solutions, application training and on-site support
  • Proven quality control systems
Value Engineering and alternative Sika Solutions
  • Cost-performance ratio
  • Innovation of new technologies
  • Products to suit application requirements
Solutions for special Site Conditions
  • Microbiological and chemical attack resistant products
  • High mechanical resistance products
  • Free of physically linked plasticizers
  • Ecologically sustainable products