SikaForce Powerflex is a unique Technology combining advantages of both structural- and elastic adhesives. SikaForce®-803 and SikaForce®-840 are two examples of the Technology providing E-Modulus from 30 MPa to 400 MPa and open time from 7 to 45 minutes. SikaForce® Powerflex adhesives are an effective solution for bonding and assembly of lightweight vehicles, fiberglass boats, metal fabrications and virtually any application that requires a strong, reliable bond. Download Powerflex Technology Brochure


The patented SikaPower SmartCore Technology provides exceptional impact resistance designed to withstand dynamic stresses. SikaPower® SmartCore products are 2-component cold curing epoxies bridging the performance gap to one component heat curing epoxy systems traditionally used to bond automotive lightweight structures. The SikaPower®-1200 Serie is using this new Technology.


SikaForce®-7712 3-component PUR adhesive solution for sandwich panel bonding provides ultimate flexibility in open time and press time and thus highest output in sandwich panel manufacturing.


SikaDamp® Acoustic Damping – an even larger offering of acoustic dampening solutions since the acquisition of Faist Chemtec Group. Through selective application to the vibrating surface, SikaDamp® allows engineers to effectively damp noise while still achieving the overall weight reduction they need. More information