Sika Singapore has replaced old sand dryers with new ones. This optimization of the energy efficiency of ots Tuas plant, in the the West Region of Singapore, has been processed in the context of the company's global operational efficiency program focusing on the use of energy efficient sand dryers in its operations.

Use of energy efficient sand dryers

Minimizing CO2 emissions by using efficient sand dryers

Sika has set itself the target of reducing the energy consumption per ton sold by 15% until 2023. In all regions, projects are being implemented to minimize CO2 emissions while at the same time cutting costs. This has the effect of improving operational efficiency.

Before sand is introduced to the mortar production process, it needs to be dried. The water is extracted in an energy-intensive process involving large drum dryers. In order to reduce the energy consumption, Sika has drawn up guidelines containing specific optimization steps to be implemented throughout the company.

The Tuas plant in Singapore is one of more than 20 facilities which have been adapted. Significant improvements in terms of CO2 and energy savings result from the opimization of sand dryers.

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