Sika used 3,269 terajoule (TJ) of energy (previous year: 2,890 TJ), 53% directly from non-renewable primary energy conversion and 47% from purchased electricity. The fuel types used for direct energy (1,729 TJ) are light liquid fuels (20%) and natural gas and LPG (80%). The increase in energy consumption is due to the acquired Parex company.

Energy Consumption  within the company 2020 2019 2018  
Total Energy Consumption 3,269 TJ 2,890 TJ 1,971 TJ  
Direct energy
1,729 TJ 1,451 TJ 875 TJ Light liquid fuels, natural gas
Purchased electricity 1,540 TJ 1,439 TJ 1,096 TJ From renewable and non-renewable sources, depending on local power generation
Renewable electricity 24% 15% 13% From renewable sources
(water, wind, solar, etc.)

Energy is a necessary input for conversion processes, e.g. stirring and mixing, melting and cooling, ventilation and pumping, as well as heating and air-conditioning of buildings. As mentioned above, around 50% of Sika's total energy consumption is from its own energy conversion and used mainly for heating buildings and production equipment, steam generation, drying processes, etc.  

Energy Overview