Sika discharges around 2.3 million m³ of water (previous year: 2.5 million m³) in conformity with local legislation and permits. In many Sika factories, process water is collected in tanks, and cleaned in its own or external treatment facilities. If collected and treated on site, water is tested in accordance with the local permits before discharge into either the sewage system or directly into a surface water body.

The local companies hold permits for water discharge parameters, such as quantity and chemical limit values, by which the companies are bound. However, due to the very diverse nature of requirements, the Sika Group does not report on discharge water quality.

Discharge destination

  • Water to sewer, sewage plant: 0.91 million m³ (previous year: 0.77 million m³)
  • Water to surface water bodies: 1.41 million m³ (previous year: 1.77 million m³)