Sika works on the principle that hazard identification is the basis of safe work and applies the STOP principle (Substitution, Technical measures, Organizational measures, Personal protective measures). Sika companies are required to regularly assess hazards and analyze risks within their premises and operations, and to define corrective and mitigating measures. Risk analyses are reviewed when new information becomes available e.g. new legal requirements, changes to systems, equipment or raw material etc., incidents / accidents / near misses.

In 2020 Sika introduced the Sika Life Saving Rules in order to raise awareness of key risks to employee health and safety. They apply on all Sika sites and to Sika employees when visiting customers or suppliers. All employees must adhere to the Sika Life Saving Rules and are empowered to stop work if they think it is unsafe.

It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that all accidents or incidents, as well as near misses are promptly reported to line management in order to ensure timely investigation and corrective action.

All incidents, accidents, and near misses are investigated. A formal root cause analysis is performed, and lessons learned communicated across the organization for recordable injuries, significant process safety events, and incidents with high potential impact.