Injury rate per 1,000 employees, by region
Group 9.6
EMEA 13.9
Americas 7.3
Asia/Pacific 2.6
Global Business 15.2
Lost days rate per 1 million working hours  
Group 103
EMEA 107
Americas 116
Asia/Pacific 58
Global Business 171

As accident data from the subsidiaries is processed anonymously, a breakdown by gender at Group level is not possible.

In 2019, Sika had an injury rate of 9.55 accidents / 1,000 employees (previous year: 10.4). The companies reported 261 accidents (> 1 day of absence from work, excluding the day of the incident) compared to 209 in the previous year. The EMEA region accounted for 155 accidents, Americas for 45, APAC for 19, and Global Business for 42. The rate includes leased labor (2,537 heads) not on Sika’s payroll. 14 contractor accidents occurred on Sika premises (previous year: 17).

Employee Fatalities
2019 1 *
2018 0
2017 1
* There was one fatality on the premises of an acquired Sika company in 2019

Sika will continue to develop and improve its occupational health and safety programs with further attention given to safe conduct, employee participation in safety programs, and a focus on prevention.