Composition of Governance Bodies

The Composition of the Board of Directors:
Out of 8 members, 7 are male and 1 is female. Regarding age group, 7 members are over 50 years old, 1 member between 40 and 50 years old

Sika’s global presence and associated proximity to customers make it immensely important to integrate different cultures and share experience and know-how across national boundaries. The company firmly believes that the diversity experienced daily by employees is one of the factors of its success, and it promotes an open and integrative culture. At courses and seminars, Sika managers are encouraged to give high priority to diversity in team and project planning. Forty-nine nationalities are represented among Sika’s Senior Managers. Women account for 23% of the Group’s total headcount (previous year:22.3%). Sika is constantly working to increase this percentage at all hierarchical levels and conducted initiatives during the period under review to improve the quota of female employees in the company. The declared goal is to recruit and promote more women, particularly in sales. Recruitment campaigns in various channels are increasingly targeting women. To find out what female employees think about Sika, the first global “Women of Sika” forum was organized in May 2019. Female participants from various departments, cultures, and age groups were invited to spend two days attending workshops and discussions on how programs for women can contribute to Sika’s success. The “Women of Sika” core team has subsequently been working closely with top management to develop an action plan that focuses on the following three pillars: recruiting, retaining, and promoting more women at Sika. The “Women of Sika” campaign was officially launched during a global leadership meeting in September with the prime objective of sharpening Sika leaders’ awareness. Toolkits are to be used to support local campaign rollouts.