GMs are obliged to strictly adhere to legal practices and to supervise their entities accordingly. They are also responsible for taking preventive action and to provide adequate training to their staff. Assuring adherence to human and labor rights is part of the annual GRI Compliance Confirmation every GM has to sign. Internal and legal audits are performed regularly at all Sika entities. Roughly 30 audits (including internal and legal audits) are performed annually, covering about 20% of Sika’s subsidiaries each year. These audits aim at reviewing the implementation of the following human and labor rights principles:

  • non-discrimination (including the prohibition of sexual harassment)
  • fair compensation
  • prohibition of forced, slave, compulsory or child labor
  • freedom of association (without need of prior approval) – unless prohibited by local laws 

In 2020, 100% of Sika’s General Managers have confirmed – by means of their annual GRI Compliance Confirmation – that no violations of fundamental human or labor rights have been identified.