In March 2019, Sika acquired King Packaged Materials Company, a large independent Canadian manufacturer of dry shotcrete and mortars for concrete repair. With the acquisition Sika, has expanded its geographical footprint in Canada and improved its growth potential in the home improvement, construction, mining and tunneling markets.

In the same month, Sika acquired Belineco LLC, a Belarusian manufacturer of polyurethane foam systems. With the acquisition, Sika has expanded its know-how in the production and development of polyurethane foams. Together, Sika and Belineco have gained better access to the trade distribution channels in Eastern Europe.  

In May 2019, Sika completed the acquisition of Parex. With this acquisition, Sika has expanded its product portfolio for the building finishing market and strengthened its world leadership position in construction chemicals. Parex’s product offering includes facade mortars, tile adhesives, and waterproofing mortars. With its expertise in mortar solutions for renovation and new-builds, Parex participates in all phases of the construction life cycle. Parex has a particularly strong presence in distribution channels, especially in China, where it has built up a network of over 90,000 points of sale.

In September 2019, Sika acquired Crevo-Hengxin, a Chinese manufacturer of silicone sealants and adhesives used in both industry and construction applications. Crevo-Hengxin is a family-owned manufacturer of a broad range of silicone products used for facades, fenestration, insulated glass, interior finishing and other sealing and bonding applications. In addition, the company holds a leading position as supplier of silicones for the growing solar industry.

In November 2019, Sika acquired Adeplast SA, a major manufacturer of mortars and thermal insulation solutions in Romania. Adeplast produces a wide range of building mortars as well as thermal insulation (EPS) for building envelope solutions. With the acquisition, Sika Romania has strengthened its product portfolio for the Building Finishing target market and gained access to Adeplast’s large, well-established network of distributors.

With regard to GRI reporting, the 2019-acquired companies Crevo-Hengxin (China), King Packaged Materials (Canada), Belineco (Belarus) and Adeplast (Romania) are not yet included in the 2019 figures. However, the figures include the results for July to December of the 2019-acquired company Parex.

In 2019, Sika opened seven new factories in Senegal, Egypt, Qatar, Serbia, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

  • Mortar plant in Senegal: Dakar, March 2019
  • Expansion of mortar plant in Egypt: Alexandria, April 2019
  • Concrete admixture plant in Qatar: Doha, May 2019
  • Expansion of mortar plant in Serbia: Belgrade, July 2019
  • Mortar plant in Cameroon: Douala, September 2019
  • Mortar plant in Ethiopia: Addis Ababa, November 2019
  • Third plant in Indonesia: Jakarta, December 2019