• Release of Sika Sustainability Strategy 2023
  • Sustainability and CO2 reduction included in the Sika Growth Strategy 2023
  • New “Climate Performance” focus area
  • “Sika Cares” program for supporting community engagement on local level
  • 2019 sustainability-related performance is the baseline for the Sustainability Strategy 2023



 “As a global company, Sika is committed to sustainable development. The company honors its responsibilities by offering sustainable solutions for energy-efficient construction and innovative vehicles. It also implements numerous projects and measures aimed at boosting the Group’s economic, social, and ecological sustainability.”

With its sustainability strategy “More Value – Less Impact”, which was realigned in the year under review, the company pursues the objective of creating lasting value for people and the environment, while at the same time adopting a moderate and sustainable approach to the utilization of resources. Thus, shaping the future responsibly.

The revision and further development of the 2014–2018 Sustainability Strategy was the priority during 2019. Given the results of the materiality analysis conducted in 2018 and the development of the Sika Growth Strategy 2023, the Sustainability Strategy now includes the new “Climate Performance” focus area with specific targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions, the use of electricity from renewable sources and recycling of waste. In addition, community engagement now includes targets relating to volunteering activities and the number of beneficiaries.

With its newly defined sustainability targets, Sika’s priority will be to minimize resource consumption and the environmental impact of its production process. Sika’s overriding goal is to achieve a 12% reduction in CO2 emissions per ton sold by 2023. The sustainability-related performance for 2019 will be the baseline for the Sustainability Strategy 2023. More details are available at sustainability/sika-sustainability-strategy.html

On the basis of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, the following five criteria have been established to evaluate sustainability aspects and Sika's performance:

Relevance: Sustainability is relevant as a business enabler, business driver, and brand message, in construction and transportation. We monitor material aspects.

Compliance: Legal and regulatory compliance, anti-corruption, and human rights in the supply chain are the foundations of our business wherever we operate.

Increase Value: Leading the industry by pioneering a portfolio of sustainable products, systems, and services for energy, material and water efficiency, durability, and safe use.

Reduce Impacts: We improve our environmental and safety footprint, reducing energy, water and material demand per product unit, and work without injuries.

Social Progress and Integration: We build trust and create value with communities and society.

To integrate with other stakeholders and reinforce commitments, Sika signed up to the UN Global Compact.

Sustainability: "More Value - Less Impact"