• Code of Conduct obliging all employees to uphold our values and principles
  • General Managers pledge to be role models in respect of integrity and compliance



The values and principles of the Sika Code of Conduct were reviewed and launched in 2014 by the Group Management and the Board of Directors. The Code of Conduct is available in 42 languages and has been distributed to all Sika employees through their line organizations. Trainings have been delivered to all subsidiaries, also through an ad hoc e-learning platform available in 14 languages, both online (SikaLearn platform) and offline (as course for local classroom delivery). All employees pledged with their signature to uphold these values, and the General Managers (GMs) undertake every year with their signature to enforce and train the values and principles in their organizations.

Sika has also developed a document setting out the Sika Values and Principles. These Values and Principles have been rolled out and trained in all Sika's global subsidiaries. GMs and Sika Senior Managers (SSMs) are requested to sign a “Compliance Commitment”, in which they pledge to be role models in respect of integrity and compliance. Every two years, Corporate Compliance requires all Sika GMs and SSMs to renew their pledge. We also encourage them to seek the same commitment from their local management team. The most recent pledge campaign was launched in December 2019 and will be completed by the end of Q1 2020.

Moreover, on an annual basis, all Sika GMs are asked to sign the “Compliance-GRI Confirmation”. By signing this document, the GMs confirm compliance, at local level and for the past fiscal year, with selected requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a UN-initiated corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiative that Sika joined in 2013. Specifically, GMs confirm that their companies operate in compliance with the applicable laws and Sika’s internal regulations, including the Values and Principles, the Code of Conduct, the Sika Trust Policy and other corporate policies and manuals, and that they offer adequate information and training to all their staff.