Ethics and Integrity

  • All employees sign the Code of Conduct
  • General Managers assure to enforce and train both the Sika Code of Conduct and the Sika Values and Principles

The values and principles of the Sika Code of Conduct was reviewed and edited in 2014 by the Group Management and the Board of Directors. The Code of Conduct is available in 36 languages and has been distributed to all Sika employees through their line organizations. Trainings have been delivered to all subsidiaries. All employees pledged with their signature to uphold these values, and the General Managers assure every year with their signature to enforce and train the values and principles in their organizations. Furthermore, Sika has developed a document stating Sika Values and Principles. These Values and Principles have been rolled out and trained throughout the global subsidiaries of Sika.

For the Sika Code of Conduct, please consult the Sika Website