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Adoption of and compliance with the Code of Conduct by GMs and their management teams were reviewed again in 2019, and conformity was confirmed by means of the Compliance-GRI Confirmation. The 100% response rate and completeness of the details provided suggest absolute compliance. In 2019, Sika consolidated, for the second time in succession, all major compliance cases, at any level, throughout the organization. The statistics were analyzed for the first time in a year-on-year comparison.

The total number of compliance cases in 2019 was 24 (with 4 still under investigation), which is a very low number considering the size of the Group. Our employees are the most effective channel for detecting violations, which proves that transparency is a key value at Sika and needs to be preserved. 75% of the substantiated cases led to dismissals, 10% to resignations. This underscores Sika’s zero-tolerance culture and its consistency in case handling.

In 2019, internal fraud, corruption and harassment were the most recurrent types of misconduct. (Local) management was the group most exposed to the risk of misconduct. In 2019, out of 7 alleged cases of misconduct submitted through the Sika Trust Line, 6 were not substantiated and thus excluded from the 24 compliance cases mentioned above, and one is still under investigation.

The Sika Trust Line (available in 35 languages) is an independent reporting platform available 24/7 and used as an anonymous whistleblower tool. Reports are made anonymously and handled confidentially. There is a strict non-retaliation policy in place. There has been no case of abuse or misuse of the Sika Trust Line.