Disclosure 103-1: Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary

Packaging is essential as it is used for the identification of Sika products. It enhances the appearance of the label for product promotion. In addition, labelling provides information about the product. It helps to distinguish the product from others on the market shelves.

Disclosure 103-2: The management approach and its components

The overall goal is for all raw materials, products, and services to be assessed in terms of their health and safety impacts. We therefore classify all pure substances, raw materials, intermediates, and finished goods in line with their hazard potential and comply with chemical regulations for registration, labelling, packaging, and transport.

Local line management has the overall responsibility of ensuring that all products placed on the market meet the requirements of local legislation and customers, and assigning a product stewardship role to manage raw material and finished goods data, customer safety information, and labelling. This role collaborates with Global Product Stewardship.

Local tasks are:

  • approval of labels for the country
  • creation and approval of local Safety Data Sheets and packaging
  • entry of local raw material and finished goods data into the databases
  • support for the local organization in all product-safety-related matters
  • support for customers regarding their demands on product safety
  • implementation and enforcement of the banned substance program

All products (except articles) must be accompanied by a Safety Data Sheet meeting the legal requirements of the country and in the required language(s). Packaging and labelling must be controlled and managed for local compliance, and compliance with the Sika branding and labelling rules.

Disclosure 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach

The company perceives the management approach to be effective.