The Engineering Department of Clemson University, South Carolina, USA, offers lab courses that are vital for the student’s education and success. Sika helped the university to meet their educational needs in some of the labs to continue to provide and foster the learning experience.

Martin Pind, EVP Head of R&D and Sustainability Region Americas
Image: Community Engagement in favour of a unique educational program: Martin Pind - EVP Head of R&D and Sustainability Region Americas

Revitalizing and Reorganizing Three of the Main Material Laboratories.

As a research partner of Clemson University, Sika Corporation helped the university to further develop their labs and maintain the level of education needed here. First, one of the major needs for any lab is the proper equipment to use and train students. Sika was able to support the university buy proper equipment in a cost-effective manner in the context of an efficient purchasing plan. Next, Sika provided a donation to the materials lab to help cover costs for all of 2023. This will allow the faculty and students to focus on learning while building up subsequent funds with labs moving back to in-person teaching.

Sika continues to work with Clemson University to provide projects that can offer undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to assist in various learning initiatives. In December 2022, several employees from Sika Corporation partnered with students and faculty in Clemson’s Civil Engineering Department to work on revitalizing and reorganizing three of the main material laboratories.

Sika donated time and materials to recoat the lab walls and freshen up the space while working with students on decluttering the lab spaces and take inventory on future equipment needs over a two-day period. 

"The teams worked hard to create a lab space that was bright and new, and that would make any student, faculty, or alumni - in my case - proud. Sika is honored to work alongside academic institutions, such as Clemson University, to foster collaboration and advanced educational experiences that correlate with our “Building Trust” promise. We aim to help educate and support future leaders of our industry and will continue to do so in the years to come." Michael Maestro, Vice President - Commercial RSB, Sika Corporation

Sika has established a great relationship with the engineering program of Clemson University by working on several projects designed to foster innovation. Universities such as Clemson continue to be an integral place to find new potential candidates and design new solutions.