Sika supports the NGO 600kids-org and is actively commited to renovate schools in the Irrawaddy Delta, southwest of Yangon. Millions of people live in very poor conditions in this region, and numerous locations and schools can only be reached by boat.

Sika supports schools in Myanmar

School renovation and long-term support of children

Since 2015, Sika Myanmar has been involved in a community engagement project for an orphan primary school to support the education of 600 children in "Ma Seine Village", Myanmar. The Sika team has been providing learning material and other essential goods like sanitizers during the Covid pandemic.

Ma Seine is a secondary school with seven grades (1st-7th grade) and a kindergarden. The school has two buildings, one of which was already built by the NGO Sika did engage in the renovation of the buildings and the repair of the school furniture. New sidewalks have been built too..