Sika (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has worked with communities, schools, foundations, and organizations throughout its operations in Thailand to provide both financial support and volunteer activity that brings joy to the community, society, and the nation.

Modernizing schools in the local neighborhood

The team of Sika Thailand has been renovating schools in Chonburi since many years investing several hundreds of volunteering days. The aim is to support schools with infrastructure, modern classrooms and sanitary facilities.

In 2022, 60 volunteers did support two schools in the neighborhood with to renovate toilets  for 423 students and their teachers.

Sika engineers prepared a standard design for the toilets and specified a wide range of Sika’s products to be used. Those waterproofing, sealing and building finishing products were used in different application fields:

  • Waterproofing with SikaTop® -107 Seal TH
  • Tilling with Davco TTB plus and Davco Extra plus
  • Sealing with Sikasil® -129 Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Wall finishing with Lanko Loft

In 2022, Sika volunteers invested 240 hours of work on waterproofing, wall finishing and part of tiling.