The team of Sika Thailand engages in habitat management and infrastructure projects in the Muak-Lek district in the Saraburi province. The focus of the volunteering activities has been the construction of retention dams and the reforestation in collaboration with the communities and the Royal Forest Department.

Infrastructure and Habitat Management

Sika employees built moisture retention dams and helped to process the reforestation. Moisture retention dams, as their name indicates, maintain humidity in the environment. They protect the area from erosion in rainy season and provide humidity in dry season. For the villagers, this means that rainfall is maximized in such a way that it replenishes groundwater, allowing farmers enough water when needed, while at the same time protecting the village and environment from flooding. 

The Sika Team could count on the collaboration with local villagers. For the retention dam, concrete cubes from Sika were stapled inside a bamboo framework. In the end, a total of 3,940 cubes were implemented.