Sika promotes gender diversity in the construction business and processes know-how about construction related professions through real experience for women.

Sika supports women in the construction business

Women in construction jobs

According to data from the Construction Foundation, in 2019, only 8.4% of professionals in the construction sector were women.  For this reason, Sika Spain is supporting the initiative called “Ella construye” (engl. “Women building with Sika”) with a series of free of charge workshops under the guidance of Sika experts and technicians.

The objective of the workshops is to approach women to construction-related professions.

"For the future success of the construction industry, I believe more women are required in all professions. Gender-diverse workforces improve the efficiency, quality and productivity of organizations. There are manifold opportunities in the female labor market for improved business performance and to assist with a skills shortage." Laura Baquero, founder of "Ella Construye", an organization which promotes construction careers among women

Sika workshops include the promotion of networking, know-how transfer and practical work on the job site. The initiative is accompanied by an internal and external communication plan. In 2021, the organization reported more than 300 women who were interested in the program, by the  end of the year, 70 women were actually following the series of workshops. The all expressed their satisfaction and are planning to envisage further vocational training measures to work in the construction industry.


Working in construction - workshops for women