Sika solutions for car park decks prevent or accommodate all of the various stresses and exposures including thermal variations, atmospheric carbonation, de-icing salts, traffic impact and abrasion, plus deck movement, together with the waterproofing requirements. These solutions with thicknesses of up to only 5 mm of the liquid applied Sikafloor® products, can provide the equivalent performance of traditional solutions, such as asphalt, with a much lower thickness. This means much lower quantities of natural resources and more efficient dimensioning.

More Value

Applied Sikaproof product

Case study: Given a choice, people always prefer to park in light and bright car parks where they feel that themselves, their car and its contents, will all be safe and secure. Sika’s car park decking systems can be designed in any color scheme. For example at Zurich Airport, not only do Sikafloor® sys-tems offer a wider range of color choices, they also have a much lower weight compared to the equivalent black asphalt system, which ultimately has a much lower impact on natural resources. Sikafloor® systems weigh in at a mere S-9 kg/m², compared to a hefty ISO kg/m² of the black asphalt system.

Cumultative Energy Demand

SikaFloor Systems for Carpark decks