Waste reduction starts with durable products that stand the test of time. Sika Sarnafil membranes continue to perform after decades of use in a wide range of climates. When a roof must be replaced, the Sika post-consumer recycling program recycles millions of square feet of used membrane yearly, reducing the burden on landfills.

Capturing and recycling valuable disposed materials

Sika Sarnafil Roof Recycling
Example: Roof Recycling Program in North America

Post-consumer recycling, the recycling of roof membranes at the end of their useful life, is an opportunity to divert construction debris from the waste stream. The technology exists to recycle the material, but historically the lack of a need in the market has prevented the establishment of a viable infrastructure to allow recycling. The sustainability movement, along with the advent of landfill restrictions on construction waste in cities such as Chicago and Boston and the increase in waste disposal fees, has begun to create the conditions to make recycling old roofs a reality.

Roof Recycling

  • Low carbon footprint
  • Reduced waste and money saved
  • Credits towards LEED Certification earnd
  • Competitive advantage when bidding jobs with environmentally conscious customers
  • Reduced shipping costs and no landfill tipping fees
  • Participation in a meaningful program with a positive impact on the environment