Sika has reinvented bonding, with a ground-breaking innovation. Customers make significant savings in terms of production costs and time.

Bonding is playing an ever greater role in industrial production. Compared with traditional joining techniques such as screwing or welding, components do not need to be drilled or heated during the bonding process. Also, different types of material can be bonded and sealed against liquid ingress, which is an essential requirement in lightweight construction. The adhesives commonly found in the market either offer short assembly times and thus cure faster, or they have long assembly times and long curing times that can be accelerated using heat.

Increasingly in demand in industrial manufacturing are adhesives combining both long working times and fast curing.

Paradigm Shift thanks to Curing-by-Design

Revolutionary curing technology

Sika has developed a two-component (2C) adhesive that solves this problem. The Curing-by-Design technology provides a unique way of combining long working times and fast curing. “This means you can program when the adhesive is to harden practically at the touch of a button and at room temperature", says Frank Höfflin, Sika’s Chief Technology Officer. “This allows us to deliver the framework for highly efficient automated production. SikaForce® Powerflex combined with Curing-by-Design technology makes for a revolutionary adhesive system.”

Curing-by-Design gives industry the opportunity to significantly accelerate bonding processes, while at the same time still guaranteeing the necessary working time. Knaus Tabbert is a case in point for how crucial this is in vehicle construction. One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles, they have revolutionized the caravan production process using the latest Sika adhesive technology. This technology permits faster bonding for the self-supporting glass-fiber frame, a core feature of the range built using ultra-lightweight construction.

"Sika’s technology has allowed us to slash assembly times and achieve the highest levels of process efficiency. The new adhesive gives us the basis to automate our bonding processes going forward." Max Kandlbinder, European Adhesive Engineer at Knaus Tabbert

Increased Performance and greater Sustainability

The Curing-by-Design technology allows Sika to satisfy the requirements of the manufacturing industry in the best possible way. Frank Höfflin: “Sika equips manufacturers with solutions that accelerate processes and make vehicles lighter and – thus – more environmentally friendly.” The new adhesive technology is an expression of Sika’s commitment to innovation. “Each new product we bring to market outperforms its predecessor and – at the same time – makes a greater contribution to sustainability.”

Sika wins Swiss Technology Award

Sika wins Swiss Technology Award
Image: From l. to r., standing: Michael Schlumpf, Claudio Di Fratta, David Hofstetter, Bernhard Bosshard From l. to r., seated: Marko Zivaljic, Fabien Choffat, Antonio Corsaro

Switzerland’s most significant technology prize went to Sika in 2019. The award was received in the “Innovation Leaders” category for the new high-performance adhesive technology SikaForce® Powerflex with Curing-by-Design.

The adhesive supports faster assembly processes, accelerates the development of lightweight construction in the transportation sector, and permits more ecological vehicle concepts.

Fabien Choffat, Head Product Development - 2C Adhesives, and Marko Zivaljic, Corporate Business Development Manager Structural Bonding, presenting the new adhesive technology at the ETH, Zurich

Customer benefits from Curing-by-Design