Sika’s corporate strategy stands solidly on six pillars. The company’s clear focus on growth proved itself in the difficult environment of 2020. The opportunities opening up through sustainability, innovation, digitalization, and the need for refurbishment and repair are being exploited in a targeted way. This in turn is enabling Sika to increase market share and laying the basis for long-term success.

Strategy 2023 for sustainable and profitable growth
Growth thanks to greater market penetration

Double-Digit Growth

in the Distribution Business in 2020

Household Brand

Driven by the successful business development in e-commerce and with builders’ merchants, Sika is establishing itself as a household brand, creating additional growth potential.

Acquisitions as growth factor
CHF 100 MN
in total synergies through the Parex takeover
Integration Strength

Sika knows how to integrate the companies it acquires swiftly and in a way that enhances value.

Pioneering potential with innovation
Sika solutions for the whole life cycle of buildings and structures
Innovative Strength

Sika is increasing the performance and sustainability of its new products in all markets.

Strong identification with corporate values
employees with customer focus and high loyalty

Sika’s workforce of 25,000 people, as many as in the previous year, live the corporate values in their daily work. The high engagement and identification with the company is the basis for success.

Ongoing increase in operational efficiency


cost savings thanks to more efficient and enhanced product formulations

Efficiency Programs

Efficiencies are achieved at different levels, such as in production, logistics, procurement, in product formulations and in administration.

Sustainability as basic principle
20 kg CO2
per ton sold, 7 kg reduction compared to previous year
Membran Recycling

Since 15 years already, Sika has successfully run its roof recycling program in North America.