All around the world, the economy is being stimulated by comprehensive infrastructure programs. Thanks to its expertise and product portfolio for both new builds and repair work, Sika is the ideal partner when it comes to implementing projects efficiently and to the highest quality standards.

The infrastructure area is seeing particularly strong growth in the construction sector. This growth is being accelerated further by global investment programs with a total volume equivalent to CHF 10 trillion. These programs are being implemented with government subsidies due to the uncertainties triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, and with a view to achieving climate targets. The equivalent of CHF 790 billion is to be used around the globe for the promotion of electromobility alone. This is opening up enormous growth potential for Sika.

Extending Longevity

The renovation and repair of structures has received a particular boost. The need for bridge and tunnel renovation is enormous. Many of these projects cannot be put off for safety reasons – and a renovation is typically quicker and more CO2-efficient than a newbuild. Sika has a strong position in the refurbishment market and is very well positioned to meet this growing demand.

  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Public buildings (hospitals, schools)
  • Renewable energy
  • IT infrastructure
  • Water and wastewater facilities
  • Urban development
  • Mining
EMEA stimulus programs
CHF 750 BN
Americas stimulus programs
Asia/Pacific stimulus programs
Global Business stimulus programs
CHF 790 BN
Brenner Basistunnel, Österreich / Italien

Brenner Base Tunnel, Austria / Italy

Measuring 55 km in length, the railway link between Austria and Italy is Europe’s most challenging tunnel project. More than a half of the 230-kilometer long tunnel system is already compromised. Sika is supplying high-quality concrete and waterproofing solutions. This will extend the lifetime of this complex structure to more than a hundred years.

Yatí-Bodegabrücken, Kolumbien

Yatí-Bodega Bridge, Colombia

The bridges are the core pieces of the road construction project between Bogotá and the industrial cities on the Caribbean coast. They cross the delta of the Rio Magdalena. Sika’s concrete admixtures ensure that these bridges can withstand the extreme stresses.

Xin Shougang Brücke, China

Xin Shougang Bridge, China

The bridge over the Yongding River in Beijing is made of steel plates weighing a total of 45,000 tons. Sika supplied grouting to embed the massive foundations as well as numerous other products.



State funding to encourage climate-friendly mobility is opening up huge potential for Sika. Sika can generate up to 25% higher sales per electric vehicle compared to vehicles with conventional combustion engines.