Data centers are the backbone of the digital economy. With the exponential rise of data volumes and the advancement in cloud usage, investment volumes are increasing. This is opening up enormous growth potential for Sika.

Whether in terms of waterproofing, fire protection, or protection against electrostatic discharge – in data centers, the construction materials used need to satisfy the highest possible requirements. Disruptions have to be eliminated for servers to function properly. And precisely with this in mind, Sika offers a broad range of solutions that comply with the most stringent of security standards. This has allowed the Group to establish successful partnerships with specialist planning firms that make data centers possible for major operators.

Worldwide, companies are investing billions in cloud solutions in order to improve data security and develop e-commerce and home office solutions. Thanks to its presence around the globe, Sika is in an excellent position to harness the potential of this rapidly expanding market. Sika provides both global operators of data centers and firms that operate on a more local basis with high-quality systems and a first-class service. Technologies ranging from foundation to roof improve data center performance and help keep operating costs down.

Investments in Data Centers in USD BN

Source: GlobalData

The CyrusOne data center in Allen, Texas, is one of more than 150 data center projects worldwide that use Sika products.

Electrostatic discharge can damage computer systems and other sensitive equipment. Sika has developed flooring solutions that can safely dissipate electrostatic discharge in a controlled manner.