In 2020, Sika continued to pursue its sustainability strategy “More Value – Less Impact”. With the help of this framework, the company is seeking to deliver on its promise to create lasting value in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and resource-sparing way. In the year under review, Sika developed positively in all areas of its sustainability strategy.



  • When it comes to product development, Sika combines higher performance with additional sustainability benefits.




  • -26% CO2 decline in CO2 emissions per ton sold. The emission of greenhouse gases was reduced significantly to 20kg per ton sold, a reduction of 7kg compared 2019.



  • 1,119 working days were dedicated to volunteering work, an increase of 178%. 
  • 183 projects were carried out in and for local communities, 23% more projects than in the prior year.
  • 268,581 direct beneficiaries of the Community Engagement Program, 656% more than in the year before.



  • -21% lower energy consumption per ton sold. Consumption per ton decreased by 77 MJ to 286 MJ.
  • 24% of procured electricity was derived from renewable sources. This was a significant rise on the prior-year figure (15%).

Waste / Water


  • -12% less waste per ton sold. The volume of waste was reduced to 12.4kg per ton sold. 
  • 35% of all waste was recycled. This was an improvement on the 2019 figure (34%).
  • -35% reduction in water consumed per ton sold. The required amount of water per ton declined to 0.22 m².

Occupational Safety


  • 8.4 occupational accidents per 1,000 employees, 12% fewer accidents than in the prior year.
  • One fatal accident involving a Sika employee, unchanged compared to 2019.

More Value - Less Impact

Sustainability Strategy 2019–2023

Sustainability: "More Value - Less Impact"