Clean water is one of the most critical resources in life. But supplying drinking water to a globally growing population is also one of the greatest challenges. The demand for drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities is increasing rapidly. Sika has innovative solutions to protect the water quality in these facilities – for new construction and maintenance. In this way, Sika is helping to master the challenge of the future.

Sika Solutions for Wastewater Purification

Protecting Health and the Environment

Only 20% of wastewater around the world is currently purified and treated. In emerging markets, the need for improvement in this area remains considerable, even though investment in the construction of wastewater treatment plants is on the rise. In the industrialized nations, the required wastewater infrastructure is largely in place. The principal task here is maintenance along with the renovation of older facilities.

Drinking water facilities have to meet the very highest requirements. In order to ensure impeccable water quality, the surfaces that come into contact with water must be completely sealed. At the same time, the cleaning process should involve a minimum of work. Sika meets these needs with high-performance products for cementitious coatings, polymer-modified mortar, and waterproofing membranes.


The water that flows through sewage pipes before being purified in clarifiers is often extremely acidic. The aggressive substances and mechanical load attack and stress the facilities. Concrete structures have to be reviewed on a regular basis, and renovated wherever necessary. Sika has the solutions to give concrete lasting protection against these forces. This in turn facilitates longer renovation cycles and increases the useful life of the facility.

Proportion of Population Connected to a Sewage System

in industrialized nations
in emerging markets

> 100 Projects in 20 Years

Sika is making a key contribution, to securing the very high level of water supply quality in Switzerland and making the adjustments for ever-increasing needs. The most rigorous regulations in place for ensuring water quality are also met in the renovation of existing buildings and the construction of new facilities.


For the Next 100 Years

Ensuring a secure drinking water supply is a task that stretches across generations. Sika has the necessary solutions for the reliable and responsible treatment and storage of water. The Group is therefore working to provide a growing global population with access to clean drinking water in the future too.

Purification facility in Chur, Switzerland
Image: The purification facility clarifiers for the Swiss town of Chur, which are protected with Sika solutions, have the world’s first folding solar roof. Sika made this sustainable concept possible with its fast-curing adhesive and sealant.
The Durban Heights Reservoir 3, South Africa
Image: The Durban Heights Reservoir 3, South Africa, supplies drinking water to more than half a million people. The concrete structure, which dates back to 1971, was renovated with a whole array of Sika solutions.
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Image: In Guayaquil, Ecuador, Sika is currently supplying products for a new wastewater treatment plant. One million apartments will be connected to the corresponding sewage system.