Sika has a wide range of solutions to reduce the CO2 content of concrete. A new recycling process for used concrete completes the portfolio. It allows the construction material components to be completely separated. This can further reduce the environmental footprint of building structures.

To date, only limited quantities of old concrete are being recycled, because it is difficult to completely separate the various components of concrete. Sika has developed a pioneering procedure that enables rubble to be 100% separated. This is being realized on a commercial scale with major construction industry partners. As a result, valuable sand, gravel, and cement-like powder are being reclaimed, which can then be used to make concrete of exceptional rigidity. This results in an enormous potential for Sika admixtures used in the recycling process and in the subsequent production of concrete.

"The new solutions for concrete recycling ensures to additionally lower the CO2 content of concrete. That helps the climate and conserves scarce resources like sand and gravel." Frank Höfflin, Chief Technology Officer
Production of High-Quality Concrete from Demolition Material

The reCO2ver process requires pulverized old concrete, CO2, and Sika additives. These react with one another in huge drums until the aggregates are fully separated from the cement. In the process CO2 is re-embedded in the reclaimed carbonized powder. High-quality concrete can then be made from the recycled material.

components of old concrete can be recycled in the Sika process
is the minimum portion of recycled concrete that must be used in public structures in Switzerland
50 KG CO2
are bound up in one ton of old concrete treated in the reCO2ver process