Sika possesses the expertise and the solutions to massively reduce the environmental footprint of cement and concrete manufacture and to achieve significant CO2 reductions. This enables the entire construction industry to make a decisive step toward climate neutrality.

Concrete technology is developing rapidly, thanks above all to innovation in the area of construction chemicals. Chemical admixtures are decisive in the performance and longevity of concrete. How much CO2 is released during production and how much water is used depends on these admixtures.


Sika has the Leverage to Massively Reduce the CO2 Emissions of Construction Material Producers

Directly influenceable emissions (kg of CO2 per ton produced)

Directly influenceable emissions (kg of CO2 per ton produced)

A Solution for Every Stage

Thanks to 110 years of experience and intensive research conducted over the same amount of time, Sika has the admixtures and additives to make concrete more enduring and at the same time more sustainable at every process stage.

This extends to cement production, the curing of concrete on the building site, and the later recycling process. This expertise is critical in view of the global challenges the construction industry is facing today.

Massive CO2 Reduction

The construction sector is one of the largest producers of CO2 emissions in the world. The savings potential here is enormous, and Sika is in a position to exploit it. Thanks to admixtures and additives used in small amounts in the cement and concrete production process, greenhouse gas emissions can be cut by up to 40%. This makes Sika a key player in the drive to set the entire construction industry on course to counteract climate change.

"Sika cement additives and concrete admixtures can significantly contribute to cement and concrete producers achieving their climate targets." Ondrej Masek, Core Technology Head Concrete Systems

70% of all Sika Products have a Positive Sustainability Effect

Thanks to Sika, the construction industry can significantly reduce its impact on the climate, reduce the amount of water and sand used, and save other resources.

Efficient Cement Production

In the cement production process, both the burning of clinker and the grinding of cement are energy-intensive. This is where Sika comes in – with its special grinding aids that facilitate reductions in both energy and CO2.

 Réseau Express Metropolitain in Montreal, Canada.
Image: Public transportation will be significantly expanded with the Réseau Express Metropolitain in Montreal, Canada. The required amount of concrete needed for the project could be reduced thanks to Sika® ViscoCrete®.
In maintenance work on the Jungfraujoch tunnel in the Swiss Alps
Image: In maintenance work on the Jungfraujoch tunnel in the Swiss Alps – the highest tunneling project in Europe – mortar with a reduced cement content improved the CO2 footprint.

CO2-Neutral Admixtures

Another important element in the reduction of CO2 is the reduction of the proportion of cement contained in concrete. This is achieved by using alternative binders such as fly ash or slag. Thanks to Sika’s cement additives and admixtures, concrete can meet the most rigorous performance requirements even with these replacement materials. Sika also facilitates significant savings with its admixtures that increase the strength of concrete. This makes it possible to construct load-bearing structures with less concrete.

Extending Longevity

Structures are sustainable if they can withstand environmental influences for the longest possible amount of time. This is precisely what Sika additives enable them to do. They make for non-porous and completely sealed surfaces, thereby preventing any damaging substances from penetrating and destroying the concrete.

less water

Concrete admixtures such as Sika® Visco- Crete® reduce the amount of water required in the manufacture of concrete. The concrete remains flowable, achieves a higher strength when cured, and valuable resources are saved.

cement content

Thanks to Sika® ViscoCrete® and Sika- Grind®, the cement content of the concrete can be reduced through the introduction of alternative binders. This in turn improves the CO2 footprint of the construction industry.

Up to 20%
less concrete

High-performing concrete facilitates the manufacture of thinner pillars, walls, and ceilings – which means the volume of concrete is reduced as a result. This crucial benefit from both a climate and a cost standpoint is made possible by Sika® ViscoCrete®.