Investors and owners want buildings that release fewer CO2 emissions and save on valuable resources. The process of renovation projects is being accelerated by government regulations and subsidy programs. Sika has system solutions for the entire building envelope that significantly reduce energy consumption and make structures sustainable.

Buildings make a significant contribution to global warming. In order to achieve its climate target, the EU is seeking to double the proportion of buildings renovated every year to 2%. At the same time, minimum standards are being laid down for minimizing heat loss.

Sika is outstandingly positioned to achieve these objectives and ensure that buildings are modernized rapidly and durably. From the waterproofing of below-ground floors to energy-efficient roof systems, Sika has the complete and high-quality solutions to improve the sustainability of buildings.

Sika has the expertise and the systems to ensure that buildings fulfill increasingly rigorous requirements when it comes to energy efficiency and living quality.

The various products used are carefully aligned with one another in every part of the building. Mortar, thermal insulation, adhesives, sealants, and waterproofing materials provide complete solutions for facades, while membranes, heat-insulating materials, adhesives, and sealants do the same for roofs. These holistic systems make Sika unique. They ensure that existing buildings can rapidly be made sustainable.

EU Green Deal

The EU’s goal is to emit no greenhouse gases at all on a net basis by 2050. In order to achieve the EU Green Deal target, the energy efficiency of buildings will have to be improved massively. The process of renovation is being accelerated by binding standards and subsidy funds from the EUR 750 billion coronavirus recovery plan. This opens up considerable potential for Sika.

LEED Label in Demand

A number of different labels for sustainable construction have become established, including “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED). To obtain this seal of quality, buildings must fulfill rigorous requirements in terms of water and energy consumption, the use of materials, and interior space quality. For an increasing number of investors a LEED certification is a must. Sika has the products that enable buildings to achieve these certifications, thereby protecting the climate and saving on resources.

Where Heat Escapes

Sika Solutions for Sustainable Buildings

Roofing Systems

Sika roofing solutions minimize the loss of heath and prevent water penetration. These include thermal insulating materials, membranes, as well as sealants and adhesives.


Sika thermal insulation systems for facades improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Windows & Doors

Sustainable sealing of windows and doors with Sika adhesives and sealants improve the energy balance of buildings. Products for mounting insulating glass elements are part of the product range.


Sika flooring solutions are based on epoxy resin and cementitious systems. They meet the highest health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Interior Finishing

With sealants and cement-reduced, low-CO2 tileadhesives, Sika offers innovative solutions for sustainableinterior finishing.


Sika waterproofing systems provide comprehensive and long-lasting protection for below ground structures of buildings. The high-quality solutions range from membrane systems and waterstops to injection agents and resins.